In one word?  YES!  Matt and I say it all the time, hiring Alan to capture our wedding video was one of the best decisions we made when planning our big day.  We pop it in every year on our anniversary and are instantly transported back to the moment we first saw each other, the moment we shared our first dance, and the moment we said “I do”.  The feeling of happiness that wells up inside of me is so wonderfully overwhelming…it brings me to tears every time!  As mush as I love all of my gorgeous wedding photographs, there is just something so incredible about actually hearing and watching Matt and I say our vows to each other.  To me, it is priceless!

If you are thinking about hiring a videographer for your wedding, here are a few things to consider:

1. I would recommend choosing a videographer that specializes in cinematography!  Cinematographers will focus on editing your wedding video in a way that feels more like a movie than a documentary.  They will seamlessly combine short video clips together with music (and maybe even your own words), telling your story in an interesting and emotional way.

2. Ask the top three videographers you are considering to send you a full feature film!  Many videographers can create an amazing 2-3 minute highlight reel, however, putting together a full length video can be hard.  It may be time consuming, but watching an entire film of one of your videographer’s favorite weddings will give you a good feel for their style.

3.  I know you hear it from everyone…but your wedding day really does go by SO FAST!  You plan for months, sometimes even years for your wedding and you want to be able to experience it fully.  Hiring a videographer will allow you to be a part of moments you might miss on your actual day.  It is just natural for your memories to fade overtime.  Popping in your wedding video will give you the chance to fully experience your special day for years and years to come!  🙂

Abby & Max | Wedding Highlights | The Molly Pitcher Inn | Red Bank, NJ | 1.19.2013 from Majestic Creative 

And because I just can’t get enough of this sweet couple, check out Abby and Max’s highlight video from their super emotional, super fun wedding on January 19, 2013!  Put together by one of my FAVORITE videographers, Majestic Creative, Abby and Max’s video is a great representation of their incredible day.  ENJOY!


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