Abby woke up early on January 19, 2013.  It was 5:30 a.m. and her alarm hadn’t even gone off yet.  Excitement bubbled up in her heart as she realized the day was finally here, the day she would marry Max.

Max waited for his bride at the end of the aisle in uniform.  A recent graduate from West Point University, Max was so ready to marry Abby.  For the last few years, she had always been by his side, always supported him.  Max’s heart was filled with so much love for Abby, and he couldn’t wait to see her walk down the aisle on their wedding day.

Warm, golden light streamed through the stained glass doors as they swung open.  Standing at the church entrance was Abby, lit from head to toe by a soft halo from the sun.  With a gorgeous lace dress and unforgettable look of hope and excitement on her face, Abby walked down the aisle towards her future husband.  Max’s eyes lit up when he saw her.  In all their years together, he had never seen Abby look so beautiful.  Max reached out his hand for hers, whispering a silent “I love you” to his bride.  Blinking away tiny tears of happiness, Abby whispered it back.  Feeling completely overwhelmed, she realized the moment was here, the moment she could finally say “I do” to the man of her dreams.

Abby and Max, I am so honored you chose me to be a part of your incredible wedding day!  Witnessing your joy and sincere love for each other brought me more happiness than I can explain.  I hope you are having a great time on your honeymoon!  If you get a chance between relaxing on the beach and dining in style at sunset, check out a few of my favorites from your wedding day below!

Abby had her hair and make-up done with all of her bridesmaids before the wedding!  They had fun getting pampered at the Glen Goldbaum Salon in Red Bank, NJ.

After getting back from the salon, Abby and her girls toasted to a fabulous day with pretty flutes of champagne.

Abby couldn’t help but tear up as she read Max’s heartfelt letter explaining how excited he was to marry her.

Lace from her mother’s wedding dress was wrapped delicately around Abby’s bouquet!

Abby’s bridesmaids cheered with excitement as she brought out her beautiful wedding dress!


While I was with the girls, Mekina was capturing Max placing the final touches on his uniform!

LOVE the engraving inside Max’s wedding band.

Abby’s dad supported his glowing daughter in their walk down the aisle!

This might be my favorite moment of the entire wedding day, when Max saw Abby for the first time!

Abby and Max held a traditional communion during their ceremony.  I really like how the entire wedding party came up to the table to participate first.

Officially husband and wife!

When Abby and Max opened the church door, the most gorgeous sunlight EVER greeted them!

They then proceeded to march through the Arch of the Sabers!


Abby and Max couldn’t have asked for a better wedding party!  Seriously, how fun are they?!

Abby, you are so STUNNING!!!

You might remember this pretty dock from Abby and Max’s engagement photos the week before.

There is just something so romantic about this shot of Abby and Max.  It almost looks like they are running towards their future together!

Before the reception began, Abby and Max enjoyed a private dance under the stars at the Molly Pitcher Inn.

Abby and Max enjoyed their official first dance to “God Gave Me You” by Blake Shelton.

Abby’s father, older sister, and Max’s older brother gave incredible toasts!

Then…the party really began!

A little limbo was involved…

…followed by a few sweet country slow dances.

Abby and Max cut their cake with a saber…

…right before their friends and family lifted them in the air for the infamous wedding song Shout!

At the end of the evening, Abby and Max headed out on the dock for a moment alone, and one last pretty photograph!  Want to see more of  this sweet couple?  Check out their wedding day slideshow on their personal wedding website today!  Or, view their wedding day highlight film below.

Abby & Max | Wedding Highlights | The Molly Pitcher Inn | Red Bank, NJ | 1.19.2013 from Majestic Creative.

Abby and Max, thank you again for everything!  I wish you both immense happiness in the many years to come!


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  1. Mikkel says:

    Love those Getting Ready images!! I am photographing a wedding at Molly Pitcher in October. This was great to see! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Liesbeth Parlevliet says:

    what’s not to love about this? A man in uniform, a GORGEOUS bride, great venue, and more! I love your view on things and really shallow depth of field!

  3. Angela Newton Roy says:

    So, so gorgeous, Amy! I love this!

  4. Catherine Lee says:

    Congratulations to my niece and new nephew. It was a wonderful day!

  5. Randy Beavers says:

    The wedding pictures of Abby and Max are beautiful. You captured so many shots that show the emotions of the day. The elevator shot is very interesting and creative. Cutting the cake with a sword is probably a first for you. Looks like they were having fun with it! The photo of Abby looking back and Max kissing her is great! My favorite is the last one on the dock. The colors and lighting are amazing. Great job Amy!