Valentine’s Day.  A day for cheesy romantic comedies, dinner by candlelight, and small gifts that say “I love you“.  In all honesty, finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift is always so hard for me!  I usually put it off to the last minute, picking up a sweet card and a box of raspberry chocolates (Matt’s favorites) from the nearest convenient store.  Not this year!  This year I have done my research and I am excited to present you with my top five FAVORITE Valentine’s Day gifts for 2013.

1. Be Mine Bible- Personalized and Handmade

This is actually my Valentine’s Day gift to myself!  I have been looking for an adorable personalized bible for a while and this one I found on Etsy is absolutely PERFECT!  Hand stitched with a soft leather heart and customizable with a name or monogram, this bible is a great Valentine’s gift for a friend or the one you love!

2. Two Lovers Initial Necklace

Let’s face it, girls always like jewelry!  This delicate rose gold necklace can be customized with the initials of you and your sweetheart and is a great daily reminder of how much you love her!

3. Red iPod Nano

Why not fill this tiny red iPod nano with all your favorite love songs and wrap it up for Valentine’s Day!  Your honey will be able to listen to all the sweet reasons you love them on the run.  Want to go the extra mile?  Upload a photo gallery of the two of you and play the slideshow to your favorite love song!

4.  Men’s Custom Wallet

It is so hard to find the perfect gift for guys but I think this leather wallet hits the mark!  Customize it with a love note, inspiring passage, wisdom, or thoughts.

5. Homemade Cookies

Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest gifts, gifts that come from the heart!  Whip up a batch of these homemade raspberry cookies for your sweetheart.  Pair them with two mugs of creamy hot chocolate and your favorite romantic comedy and you have the perfect Valentine’s evening in. 🙂

I hope these gift ideas have helped!  If you are still stumped, remember a pretty bouquet of flowers and a nice dinner go a long way!  I would love to hear your favorite gift ideas!  Feel free to leave them in the comment box below.  HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!


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