As a photographer, it is no secret that I LOVE pictures!  In fact, the day after my wedding I was glued to my phone, checking Facebook for any new photos guests had uploaded from our big day.  I was excited to see so many fun snapshots from our wedding and I even saved each one to a folder on my computer so I would have them always.  Since social media is so big right now, I wanted to give an easier way for couples to collect all the snapshots from their wedding in one central location. Instagram.  That’s right…I am suggesting you #hashtag your wedding!

Just in case you’re wondering, a hashtag is a tag embedded in a message posted on Twitter or Instagram, consisting of a word within the message prefixed with a hash sign.  It is used to mark keywords and topics so when a user clicks on the highlighted hashtag, all photos or tweets with the same hashtag will appear.  By creating a hashtag for your wedding, you allow guests to share photos in a way that you can easily access later.  Interested?  Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: If you don’t already have it, sign up for Instagram!  It is a great way to keep up with your family and friends through photos.  You can download the app on your phone here.

Step 2: Create a custom hashtag for your wedding!  Some examples Matt and I could have used are #alovesm #amyheartsmatt #amyandmatt #rizzutowedding …you get the idea!  This may take a little trial and error as you don’t want to use a hashtag another bride and groom has used in the past.  To test yours out, simply add the hashtag you choose in the caption area of a picture you are going to put on Instagram.  Upload it, then click on the blue hash-tagged link that appears under your photo.  If your photo is the only one that comes up in the hashtag gallery, you are good to go!  If not, repeat the process until you find the perfect hashtag that has not been used before.

Step 3: Let people know!  Chances are guests will be Instagraming about your wedding anyways.  If they know you have a wedding hashtag, they are more likely to include it in their posts.  Update your Facebook status with your wedding hashtag on the morning of your big day.  You could even take a picture of it written in pretty font and make it your Facebook banner!  Speak with your stationary designer and ask him/her about creating small signs to put up at the ceremony and reception sharing your hashtag with guests.  Want to save some money?  Make these signs yourself!  You could use cute chalkboards or place printed signs in pretty frames. You could even have your band or DJ remind guests about your hashtag at the reception!  The options are endless.  🙂

Final step?  ENJOY YOUR PHOTOS!  Log onto Instagram the day after your wedding and ooh and ahh over the fun moments your guests captured.  If you are lucky, one from your photographer might be there too. 😉  HAPPY WEDNESDAY!


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