Spring is officially here and I am so excited to be gearing up for an amazing 2017 wedding season! YAY!  Before moving forward, I wanted to look back on a few of my favorite behind the scenes photos from 2016. Grab a cup of coffee and take a peek into how I go about capturing all the happy tears, sweet first looks, and carefree spins on the dance floor!

I will literally do ANYTHING to get the best shot…even if it means wading into a running fountain!

One of the perks to photographing so many weddings…you learn how to put on a veil!  I love being able to help out my brides if they need it on their wedding day.

Sometimes the best angles are up high…other times they are on the floor!

If a car comes, the couple will tell me right?!

Beth and Pete were married under the Brooklyn Bridge.  It was so romantic!

One of my favorite first looks!  There was a rainbow and everything!!!

While I am with the bride for most of the getting ready, I love taking time out of the day to also focus on the groom!

My second shooters look so cool, they often get photo bombed!  Thanks for being amazing Rosemary!

Large wedding parties are my jam.  The more, the merrier!

Maybe if I quickly jump into the water, Rosemary will be able to get a romantic shot of Lia and Anthony in the gondola!  #worthit

Showing off a few of my favorites to this gorgeous bride!

Hey ya’ll!  Over here please!!! 🙂

Family portraits with the prettiest reflective light!

Doing a little dress fluffing to make sure these gorgeous sunset portraits are PERFECT!

If possible, I love capturing iPhone photos of my favorite pose for instant sneak peeks!

It doesn’t get much more romantic than barefoot sunset portraits on the beach!

Double duty for Stephanie and Alex’s wedding as bridesmaid and photographer!

Just ONE MORE photo…I promise. 🙂

The 70-200mm is my go-to for being discrete during the ceremony!

Veil fluffing time!

Getting a little silly with the bridal party!

When the day allows for it, sunset portraits are my favorite!


Seeing and catching up with past couples makes me so happy…especially when they have cute bumps to gush over! 

Sneaky sneaky!!!  Always looking to get a little extra height for epic dance floor photos!

Dance floor twirling!

Photo booths are the best…especially with best friends and rockstar second shooters like Mekina Saylor and handsome hubbies!

Attack of the uncles!  I love how Cristin is just laughing in the background. 🙂

When the bride and groom and half of their wedding party feels like family.

Sparkler exit conducting and air kiss practicing for the perfect “end of the night” shot!

To all of my sweet couples, THANK YOU for welcoming me into your hearts and for treating me like family on such a special day in your lives.  Capturing the beginning of your journey together is an honor and a privilege.  You have given me the opportunity to live out my dream, and for that I am forever grateful!  I LOVE YOU ALL!

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Amy Rizzuto is a NYC and NJ wedding photographer
who specializes in capturing the authentic joy of adventurous couples in love.
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Many of you may not know it, but I am originally from Tennessee!  My husband Matt and I moved up here shortly after graduating from college in North Carolina. We were both offered jobs in the area, and to be honest, I just wanted to be closer to the city!  I get asked all the time from friends and family visiting New York, “What are your favorite things to do and see?”  In no particular order, I am sharing my Top Ten Things to Do When Visiting NYC!  I hope you enjoy!

Top Ten Things to Do When Visiting NYC


  1. Dinner at Rosemary’s– Delicious Italian food, a rooftop farm, and romantic twinkle lights…this restaurant in the West Village is one of my favorites!
  2. See a Broadway Play– After a countless number of plays and musicals, Wicked still holds a special place in my heart!  Read this post to find out how to save on tickets!
  3. Visit the Top of the Rock– A birds eye view of this romantic city with spectacular views of the Empire State Building and Central Park.  I recommend going right before sunset so you can see the city during the day and at dusk!
  4. Chocolate Chip Cookie from Levain– As big as a scone and warm and gooey inside…these are truly an indulgent treat!  The chocolate chip walnut is the best!  Levin Bakery is also located in my favorite neighborhood, the Upper West Side.
  5. Show at the Comedy Cellar– The lineup changes every week and often hosts comedians from the David Letterman Show, The Tonight Show, and SNL.  Just make sure to get tickets in advance here.
  6. Take a walk through Central Park– I love entering by the Plaza on 59th Street and 5th Avenue and walking past Gapstow Bridge, through “the mall”, under the iconic arches at Bethesda Terrace, and exiting at 72nd and Central Park West.
  7. Brunch at Jacob’s Pickles– Sweet Southern food in NYC!  I get the sweet tea and honey chicken and pickles every time.
  8. Cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery– I recommend going to the location in the West Village and then walking down 9th street.  Enjoy your cupcakes on the steps of one of the cutest brownstones in the city!
  9. Stroll Through the New York Public Library– It really is so beautiful inside!  If it is a nice day, head out to the Southwest Porch in Bryant Park afterwards.
  10. Watch the Sunset from Pebble Beach– Located in Brooklyn beside Jane’s Carousel, this is one of the prettiest spots to watch the sunset over the Manhattan skyline. End the evening with a fancy dinner at the River Cafe!


So there you have it!  My Top Ten Things to do When Visiting NYC!  I would love to hear your favorites!  Feel free to share them in the comment box below. 🙂

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Amy Rizzuto is a NYC wedding and engagement photographer
who specializes in capturing the authentic joy of adventurous couples in love.
For more information visit www.amyrizzutophotography.com!


G97A0126AHHHHHHH!!!!!  I can’t believe the day is finally here!  My new website is LIVE and I am over the moon excited!  Let me back up a little…

This past week I have been working with Go Live Hq to launch my brand new Showit 5 site.  They basically design and launch your website in one week flat!  Pretty amazing…I know.  I built my first website myself from a Promise Tangeman template five years ago, and while I loved it, it was time for a change.  I wanted my new site to feel fresh, fun, and romantic, while incorporating my signature pop of red.  Most importantly, I wanted it to be mobile friendly with a simple user experience.  My designer Kayla completely exceeded my expectations!  Not only was she always quick to respond, she listened to my ideas and then used her creativity to execute them in a much cooler way.  She truly did an amazing job and I am so so grateful.  Without further ado, I am so excited to invite you to view the new www.amyrizzutophotography.com.


In honor of the launch, I am excited  to announce I will be giving away a FREE One Hour Engagement/Anniversary Session to one sweet couple!  WOOHOO!!!  Whether you are recently engaged, a past bride or groom, or a new friend, this is the perfect opportunity to capture a few updated photos of you and the one you love.   To enter to win, follow the three simple steps below:

  1. Check out the new website!
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  3. Comment on my post below!  You could share what you like best about the new site, your favorite romantic movie, or just say hi!


Don’t live in the greater NYC area?  No worries!  Check out my travel schedule below to see if I will be in a city near you this year.

Travel Dates

I will be choosing a winner from the comments LIVE on Periscope on Monday!  Thank you for joining me in celebrating a truly exciting day!  Your support and love means so much more than you will ever know.

Perfect Day

It was the perfect day, probably one of the last of my very own.  Sitting outside of Drip Coffee shop, I enjoyed a nutella dripoccino to the continual chatter from the street and the occasional familiar word in Japanese being practiced by the unusual pair of friends beside me.  I closed my laptop, deciding I had done enough editing for the day.  Walking over to the quaint bookstore on the corner, I slipped 50 cents under the door for an old copy of Sense and Sensibility.  The sun was shining, bright and warm.  I knew I wanted to be outside a little longer, to enjoy every minute under the golden rays.  Heading to my favorite neighborhood park and old running trail, I picked a bench on top of the hill overlooking a field of purple and yellow wildflowers.  A ladybug landed on the pages of my book for a rest before flying away.  A bird sang a happy song as he glided over the rolling hills.  With Audrey nestled deep inside my belly, I enjoyed the last remnants of a perfect day, a day all my own.




NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-1

My 2015 wedding season kicks off NEXT WEEK and I couldn’t be more excited!  It doesn’t get much better than spending the entire day celebrating and capturing the love of a sweet bride and groom and their families. Before jumping into my first wedding this spring, I wanted to take a moment to remember so many of the fun times from 2014.  That’s right!  Today we are going to take a behind the scenes look at Amy Rizzuto Photography.  Grab an ice coffee, and hop on for the ride.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-2

I usually start each wedding with a big breakfast, huge smile, and a prayer for the couple and their marriage, along with my creativity throughout the day!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-3View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybts

As you get further into this post, you will realize I have a thing for veils.  Just call me Amy the veil charmer!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-5

Need a little extra height…no problem!  I will just climb this tree to get a good angle, and direct you into the best position while doing it. 🙂

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-6NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-7NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-8

Apparently it takes serious concentration and two photographers to get the the perfect shot of your wedding dress.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-9NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-10

Dum dum di dum…here comes the bride!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-11NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-12

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…it’s your photographer!  Scaling a wall or climbing on the edge of a building are all part of the job. 🙂

View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsView More: http://amyrizzuto.pass.us/mekinabts

I was lucky enough to having some AMAZING help throughout the year.  Mekina and Chelsea always brought so much joy to the day!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-15

Just in case you didn’t know…this is how you do a first look.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-16


NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-17NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-18View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsView More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-21

I make super attractive faces when I am shooting…

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-22

It’s magic time!  I am going to count to three, you guys can go in for a kiss, and I will make your veil fly!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-23NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-24NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-25View More: http://amyrizzuto.pass.us/mekinabts

NYC traffic and taxis don’t stop Mekina from being an excellent veil charmer.  RUN KIKI RUN!  (ps- I love you) 🙂

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-27

My hope is that you don’t see me during the ceremony.  Even though it is a beast, the 70-200mm is my favorite lens for capturing those sweet, intimate moments while being discrete.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-28NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-29NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-30View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-32NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-33

It’s all in the details!  Loving Jeanna’s gorgeous bouquet.

View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-35View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybts

Okay…everyone is going to link arms just like this and walk towards me…READY GO!

View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-38

Maybe if I don’t look at anyone, they won’t notice me shaking the sand out of my shoes.  La la la.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-39NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-40View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-42NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-43NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-44NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-45

Mekina and I usually tag team the first kiss and the processional.  I get in close with the 70-200mm, capturing the joyful emotion, while Mekina shoots with the 35mm, documenting more of the scene.  TEAMWORK!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-46

I am really lucky Mekina and Kristy are so great with the flower girls!  They always have them smiling!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-47NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-48

Snuggle in close!

View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-50

Making sure your dress stays clean is top priority!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-51NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-52

WOHOO!!!  I found the pretty light!!!

View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybts2015-04-02_0076View More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsView More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsView More: http://mekinasaylor.pass.us/amybtsNYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-57

If you haven’t already noticed…good hair is important to me. (Thanks Mekina for all the gorgeous styles!)  Before shooting, I always try to make sure your hair is in place.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-58NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-59

I couldn’t resist putting in a few iPhone photos of pre/post wedding selfies with my amazing second shooters and team throughout the year!  A huge thank you to Mekina, Kristy, Chelsea, Leandra, Caroline, Ash, JessaHoleigh, Meghan, Upa, Tamara, and Gabrielle.  I couldn’t have done it without you girls!  LOVE YOU!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-60


NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-61NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-62

Who says lighting tests can’t be fun?!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-63NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-64NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-65

Don’t worry Kristy…I won’t ruin your shot.  I am super stealth!

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-66NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-67NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-68NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-69NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-70

It doesn’t get much better than working with a best friend.

NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-71NYC Wedding Photographer - Amy Rizzuto Photography-72

I hope you have enjoyed this fun behind the scenes look into my 2014 weddings!  I can’t wait to make and capture many more memories doing what I love.  Look out…2015 is going to be one AMAZING year!