Last week was a BIG week!  My parents came to visit me from Tennessee, I booked my 30th wedding for 2013, and I turned 26 years old!  AHHH…TWENTY-SIX!  I feel like I am starting the climb to 30 and this is still something I am getting used to.  Thank goodness for good friends who are getting old too!  On Friday, one of my best friends (and second shooter) Mekina Saylor turned 25!  (Totally kidding about the old thing Mekina 🙂 )  To celebrate our 20’s, we decided to throw a Roaring 1920’s Birthday Soiree on one of Hornblower’s most fabulous yachts!   As we sailed around the New York Harbor with our closest friends, we enjoyed taking in the breathtaking skyline views, letting loose on the dance floor, and dining on one of our favorites, vanilla-vanilla Magnolia cupcakes.  We hired the amazing Falcon Griffith of Falcon Griffith Photography to capture the memories you see below.  ENJOY!

A big thanks again to Falcon Griffith for taking all the photographs and for running the photo booth!  You did an amazing job!  Guests, view your photo booth pictures by clicking here.

 My favorite part of the evening cruise was sailing under the Brooklyn Bridge. It was truly beautiful.

 It was so much fun seeing our friends dancing the night away!  I love these sweet photographs of Caroline and her husband Alex!

 LOVED having so many of our photographer friends and their husbands come out for the evening!  Thanks for making us feel so special.  You guys are AWESOME!

 This might be the closest to the Statue of Liberty I have ever been!  If you haven’t sailed on a Hornblower cruise yet, you should book your experience today!  Brides…they also make a great venue for your WEDDING!

 At the end of the evening, the DJ played the happy birthday song and Mekina and I blew out our candles.

Thanks again to EVERYONE who celebrated with us…1920’s style!  To download your pictures from the photo booth, click here!  Feel free to upload them directly to Facebook by selecting the small “f” icon, or save them to your desktop by clicking on the download arrow.  ENJOY!


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  1. Rebecca Grace Haymes says:

    Wish I could have been there!

  2. Cassi Claire says:

    Such an awesome party! 🙂