HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and were able to ring in 2015 with family and friends cheering by your side.  Looking back, it is hard to believe how quickly time flew in 2014!  I was blessed to have the opportunity to capture 36 fun-filled engagement sessions and 45 gorgeous wedding days.  The pure joy in these couples is truly inspiring and I still have to pinch myself daily as a reminder that this dream job is actually my reality.

This weekend I had the chance to compile some of my favorite 2014 engagement photos and I can’t wait to share them with you!  Grab a cup of coffee (or my favorite, chocolate chai tea) and get lost in all the prettiness below.

NYC Engagement Photographer-1NYC Engagement Photographer-2NYC Engagement Photographer-3NYC Engagement Photographer-4NYC Engagement Photographer-5NYC Engagement Photographer-6NYC Engagement Photographer-7NYC Engagement Photographer-8NYC Engagement Photographer-10NYC Engagement Photographer-9NYC Engagement Photographer-12NYC Engagement Photographer-11NYC Engagement Photographer-13NYC Engagement Photographer-14NYC Engagement Photographer-15NYC Engagement Photographer-16NYC Engagement Photographer-17NYC Engagement Photographer-18NYC Engagement Photographer-19NYC Engagement Photographer-20NYC Engagement Photographer-21NYC Engagement Photographer-22NYC Engagement Photographer-23NYC Engagement Photographer-24NYC Engagement Photographer-25NYC Engagement Photographer-26NYC Engagement Photographer-27NYC Engagement Photographer-28NYC Engagement Photographer-29NYC Engagement Photographer-30NYC Engagement Photographer-31NYC Engagement Photographer-32NYC Engagement Photographer-33NYC Engagement Photographer-34NYC Engagement Photographer-35NYC Engagement Photographer-36NYC Engagement Photographer-37NYC Engagement Photographer-38NYC Engagement Photographer-39NYC Engagement Photographer-40NYC Engagement Photographer-41NYC Engagement Photographer-42NYC Engagement Photographer-43NYC Engagement Photographer-44NYC Engagement Photographer-45NYC Engagement Photographer-46NYC Engagement Photographer-47NYC Engagement Photographer-48NYC Engagement Photographer-49NYC Engagement Photographer-50NYC Engagement Photographer-51NYC Engagement Photographer-52NYC Engagement Photographer-53NYC Engagement Photographer-54NYC Engagement Photographer-55NYC Engagement Photographer-56NYC Engagement Photographer-57NYC Engagement Photographer-58NYC Engagement Photographer-59NYC Engagement Photographer-60NYC Engagement Photographer-61NYC Engagement Photographer-62NYC Engagement Photographer-63NYC Engagement Photographer-64NYC Engagement Photographer-65NYC Engagement Photographer-66NYC Engagement Photographer-67NYC Engagement Photographer-68NYC Engagement Photographer-69NYC Engagement Photographer-70NYC Engagement Photographer-71NYC Engagement Photographer-72NYC Engagement Photographer-73NYC Engagement Photographer-74NYC Engagement Photographer-75NYC Engagement Photographer-76NYC Engagement Photographer-77NYC Engagement Photographer-78NYC Engagement Photographer-79NYC Engagement Photographer-80NYC Engagement Photographer-81NYC Engagement Photographer-82NYC Engagement Photographer-83NYC Engagement Photographer-84NYC Engagement Photographer-85NYC Engagement Photographer-86NYC Engagement Photographer-87NYC Engagement Photographer-88NYC Engagement Photographer-89NYC Engagement Photographer-90NYC Engagement Photographer-91NYC Engagement Photographer-92NYC Engagement Photographer-93NYC Engagement Photographer-94NYC Engagement Photographer-95NYC Engagement Photographer-96NYC Engagement Photographer-97NYC Engagement Photographer-98NYC Engagement Photographer-99NYC Engagement Photographer-100NYC Engagement Photographer-101NYC Engagement Photographer-102NYC Engagement Photographer-103NYC Engagement Photographer-104NYC Engagement Photographer-105NYC Engagement Photographer-106NYC Engagement Photographer-107NYC Engagement Photographer-108NYC Engagement Photographer-109NYC Engagement Photographer-110NYC Engagement Photographer-111NYC Engagement Photographer-112NYC Engagement Photographer-113NYC Engagement Photographer-114NYC Engagement Photographer-115NYC Engagement Photographer-116NYC Engagement Photographer-117NYC Engagement Photographer-118NYC Engagement Photographer-119NYC Engagement Photographer-120NYC Engagement Photographer-121NYC Engagement Photographer-122NYC Engagement Photographer-123NYC Engagement Photographer-124NYC Engagement Photographer-125

A huge THANK YOU to all of my gorgeous 2014 engagement couples!  Cassi + Chris, Karen + John, Jessica + Glenn, Robin + Dave, Lauren + John, Charlotte + Tim, Ellie + Hong, Liza + Jacob, Jill + Tim, Alise + Chad, Melissa + John David, Brittany + Brian, Meghan + Kevin, Carolyn + Mike, Jenny + Matt, Holly + Ryan, Robin + Bobby, Katherine + Noah, Yeny + Wonho, Erin + Jon, Kristin + Chris, Alena + Jan, Olha + Nazar, Francesca + Alex, Monica + Scott, Katie + Joe, Courtney + John, Tara + Kieran, Jamie + Rick, Tierney + Ray, Maggy + Casey, Gabrielle + Jon, Solange + Steve, Yixian + Haowen, Claudia + Pete, and Heather + Joel, I enjoyed every minute of our adventures together. 🙂  Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your lives, and to share in your love stories.  I am so happy for each and every one of you, and I wish you many years filled with laughter and uncontainable joy in the future.


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  1. Susan Anderson Rizzuto says:

    These are all so beautiful Amy! Beautiful couples, such pretty scenery (the spring flowers!! can’t wait) every one of these are just gorgeous. What a great post , such a nice tribute to all of your couples! They’re lucky to have you! ( btw..45 Weddings in one year??) that’s amazing !

  2. Mekina Saylor says:

    These are all so beautiful! Such a talented lady you are! You can tell in each one how comfortable each couple felt around you.