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The sound of the music reverberated off the cool brick walls as Jenny climbed up the stairs of the Dandelion Market.  Entering the cozy bar with her girlfriends, Jenny didn’t yet realize how this one decision would change her life forever.  Matt was already on the dance floor with his friends.  Jenny’s pretty blonde hair and contagious smile caught his eye, and he instinctively made his way across the room to be near her.  It wasn’t long before Jenny and Matt found themselves in a dance off!  As it was unusual behavior for them both, Jenny and Matt couldn’t control their laughter as they made their way to a quiet corner to exchange numbers.  To Jenny’s delight, Matt called the next day to set up a time to see her again.

As Jenny and Matt spent more and more time together, they realized just how perfect they were for one another.  Jenny was attracted to Matt’s confidence and fun outgoing personality, and Matt loved Jenny’s quirky sense of humor.  Knowing he wanted to spend forever with this girl, Matt proposed to Jenny at a romantic dinner in Savannah with her family there to cheer them on.  This sweet couple is planning on tying the knot next April, and I couldn’t be more excited for them!  For now, check out a few of my favorite photos from their Charlotte, NC engagement session below. 🙂

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We began Jenny and Matt’s Charlotte NC engagement session where they first met and fell in love, Dandelion Market!

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I can just imagine them exchanging numbers in a cozy corner, unaware of where this chance encounter would lead.

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After Dandelion Market, Jenny and Matt decided to take their dog Rudy for a walk in the park.  Rudy was Jenny’s first love and has been in her life for the past five years!

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Next we headed to Jenny and Matt’s ridiculously beautiful rooftop to capture a few photos with the city in the background.

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Seriously guys…could you be any CUTER together?!

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Our last stop was an old fashioned soda shop called Pike’s for a delicious strawberry milkshake.

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Thanks again Jenny and Matt for giving me the opportunity to capture your fun Charlotte, NC engagement photos!  I loved getting to see where you guys met and fell in love and I am already looking forward to your Savannah wedding next April. 🙂


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  1. Randy Beavers says:

    Jenny looks beautiful. I know you enjoyed capturing her and Matt. I really love the photo of the dog with the date sign, but my favorite is Jenny looking back at the camera and Matt leaning in to her….beautiful!