Laughter rang throughout the room, setting off a ripple effect of smiles to everyone in ear shot.  Tara was in hair and make-up and she had a huge smile on her face. With her family and friends around her, Tara looked like the happiest girl in the world.  You don’t have to be around Tara long to realize her joy for life is infectious. She is the type of girl that lights up the room when she enters and just makes your day a little brighter. When Kris saw Tara for the first time in Hoboken, he knew there was something special about her.  He loved her bubbly and outgoing personality and it wasn’t long after they started dating that he decided he wanted to be with her forever.

On their wedding day, Kris and Tara decided to see each other for the first time as they walked down the aisle.  As the large glass doors to the church swung open, Kris locked eyes with Tara and one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen spread across his face.  As Tara walked towards her future husband, a look of overwhelming happiness and hope filled her eyes.  She felt so lucky to be marrying the man of her dreams and she couldn’t wait to embark on a new adventure with Kris…as husband a wife!

Tara and Kris, to say I ADORE you is an understatement!  You are absolutely perfect together and I feel so honored and blessed to have had the opportunity to capture your beautiful wedding day.  I hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in North Carolina and are settling into your new lives together!  Let’s get together for some Rosa soon!

Tara and her bridesmaids got ready and Tara’s parents house.  It was the perfect place to relax while pampering for the big day.

This might be one of the most gorgeous invitation suites EVER!  Thanks to Mekina Saylor for doing a great job on the styling!

Loving Tara’s Nina Electra shoes in Grape Satin!

This Barlira gown by Pronovias was the first dress Tara tried on!

Mekina Saylor of Picture This Plan That did a fabulous job with Tara’s hair!

Tara’s mom made sure the girls had plenty to snack on while they were getting ready!

Tara’s dad actually set this photo up.  Teddy has been Tara’s since the day she was born!

The handkerchief on the left was giving to Tara at her christening.  Her mom saved it all these years.  The cross necklace on the right was a gift from her dad.

Tara was so excited when her flowers arrived!  They were beautiful!

Stacie Ciarfello of MAC did an incredible job with the girl’s makeup!

Tara’s bridesmaids gathered around as she stepped into her gorgeous dress!


Tara, you are seriously BREATHTAKING!

I don’t think it is possible to find a more amazing bridal party!  These girls were funny, kind, and were the life of the party all evening!


While Tara got ready with her girls, Kris hung out with his guys!  Thank you Mekina for capturing these great shots!

These Tiffany’s cuff links were a gift from Tara for Valentine’s Day.

Looking good Kris!

When it was time to head to the church, Tara climbed into a Rolls Royce with the help of her dad.

My favorite part of the wedding day…

…when Kris and Tara see each other for the first time.

You may kiss the bride!

After the ceremony, Tara had her guests ring little silver bells as she and Kris walked out of the church!

Then, Tara and Kris toasted with a bottle of champagne as they headed over to the Woodcliff Manor for their reception!

As the sun set behind the trees, we captured some gorgeous pictures of Tara and Kris and their amazing bridal party!


This tiny blue house covered in ivy reminded me of something straight out of Hansel and Gretel!

So romantic!

Tara and Kris were most excited about their mashed potato bar at cocktail hour!

Serving these fun treats in martini glasses made them absolutely adorable!

The elegant ballroom in the Woodcliff Manor was filled with bright flowers in purples and greens!

Kris and Tara’s guests received Salt Water Taffy…straight from the NJ shore!

The band Stages did a wonderful job with Kris and Tara’s first dance song “Free” by the Zac Brown Band.

This cake by Le Petit Gateau was not only delicious…it was stunning!

Could you guys be any cuter?!

As the night wound down, the newlyweds shared one last dance.

Tara and Kris, thank you again for letting me share in your special day!  You are such a sweet couple and I hope you have a long life filled with many happy memories and endless adventures.


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  1. Ali Miller says:

    This may be my favorite wedding you have ever captured! I love the close up of the bride, the different angles of the bridal party, the creative group shots, the warm photo with the beautiful sun light, the last photo through the window, the detail photos of the invites and the something old something new note…I could go on and on! I also absolutely love the bride’s hair, Mekina did a great job on the style! She was a beautiful bride, he a handsome groom, and they had a gorgeous wedding party! Great job!

  2. Courtney Cruickshank says:

    Amy & Mekina – These photos came out amazing! You were both so much fun, we definitely had a blast being photographed by you both! Tara & Kris – You both look amazing & the wedding was just an awesome time! My favorite picture (besides the Hansel & Gretel house) is definitely Tara under the veil – gorgeous! Congrats to you both again! Xo

  3. Juliette D'Ambrosio says:

    Thank you so much for making my best friends day such an amazing celebration captured by absolutely brilliant photos! Kris Crisafulli & Tara Felicity I think its only proper to say you took the night! <3

  4. Randy Beavers says:

    This is amazing work and one of your best pieces of work to date. There are so many beautiful photos of the beautiful couple. I love the photo of Tara and her dad. You can see the emotion on his face. Been there and done that! I like the photo of the receiving line…you captured their happiness so effectively. My favorite is the last one through the window…priceless!